Diabetes – Some Facts About the Disease and What to Do

Body check ups are very necessary since they make us aware if we are suffering from any particular infection or disease. If you visit a doctor and you are diagnosed with high blood sugar levels this means that you have diabetes. Most people are caught unawares and may fall into depression almost immediately because they do not know how to deal with illness. However this should not be case because with the help and support of loved ones a diabetic can easily manage the illness and lead a wonderful healthy life.

It is a common thing to find that many people have little or no knowledge at all of diabetes. To begin with, our bodies need energy for us to be able to live and work, this energy is produced when a particular hormone in the body known as insulin breaks down the glucose, a form of sugar that is got when the food eaten is digested. It is this glucose that is converted into energy and in the case of diabetics; the body is unable to produce normal amounts of insulin, hence leading to an accumulation of glucose in the blood, as a result a person will feel tired all the time because none of the glucose is being converted into energy.

Diabetes is genetic therefore if you do not hail from a family that has a history of diabetes, no matter how much sugars and fats you consumer you will not get diabetes. In case you realize that you have diabetes one of the best diabetes natural cure is leading a healthy lifestyle, this means that a diabetic needs to maintain a proper diet plan and regular exercise.

It is important that you are aware of the fact that if you have diabetes in your genes you cannot prevent it but you can manage it by keeping to a healthy diet and using the proper medication. These are the only measures a diabetic needs to live a healthy life.

There are two types of diabetes. Type I diabetes also called juvenile onset or insulin dependent diabetes occurs when the body completely stops producing insulin, and therefore individuals with Type I diabetes need to take insulin injections on a daily basis. Type II diabetes also called adult onset or non insulin dependent diabetes occur when the insulin produced by the body is not properly utilized and the best way to treat it is through oral medication.