The Acai Berry Diet – Why It Is So Important

Acai (pronounced as ah-sigh-ee) is a berry with numerous benefits. This fruit grows on the Acai palm tree and has a very long history of traditional usage in Brazil. Even some famous celebrities have accepted that the Acai diet has helped them in losing excess weight.  Everyone was raving about this amazingly nutritional “superfood” grown on Acai palms in the Amazon Rainforest. The Acai phenomenon was all over the media. From then on people from all over the world have shown interest in the lovely Acai products that are available at health stores. The Acai berry diet has protected many people from harmful diseases, obesity and aging problems.

There are several websites and Acai products that claim that their Acai berry diet is the best, although such claims are just marketing tools for attracting attention for their products.  Other than that they are not at all related to any sort of diet plan. Acai is a fantastic fruit that has an abundance of advantages and other health related benefits.

Instructions for following an Acai berry diet are very simple to follow. Basically there is no specific diet plan but dieters use Acai along with another weight loss plan that they prefer. Usually the Acai diet is combined with colon cleansing products or with other ingredients that are beneficial in losing weight and toning the body. The antioxidants present in Acai are the most important component that promotes weight loss. Acai contains more antioxidants in comparison to other healthy fruits like pomegranates, blueberries, red grapes and even red wine. Thus, the Acai diet is best for staying toned and at the same time healthy. Antioxidants in Acai support the claim of enhancing health, strength and energy that helps in weight loss.

The benefits from Acai berry diet do not stop here. In addition to helping with matters like weight loss, it also benefits us in other ways. It improves digestion, cleanses our body, boosts our immune system, detoxifies our body, supports cardio vascular health, increases mental clarity and focus, improves day and night vision, reduces insomnia, maintains blood pressure and last but not the least, it also slows down the aging process. All these claims have not been proven scientifically but the nutrients that are present in Acai support all these claims. The promoters for the Acai diet justify that the combination of all the essential omega fatty acids, amino acids and the phytosterols together improves metabolism, digestion and at the same this diet also reduces the appetite.

Participating in the Acai berry diet with no exercise can slow the process, so it is always the best option to exercise and eat healthy food along with Acai berry. The Acai berry is easily available at health food stores in various forms like capsules, powder, puree, juices, liquid concentrate and energy bars.