Omega 3 and Depression

Depression refers to a state of extreme anxiety and despair that often has severe effects on day to day activities of a person and his behavior towards the society. People who experience depression may suffer from tiredness, laziness, and sadness. It leads to nonconstructive thoughts in a mind of a person. Depression is regarded as a mental ailment and a person suffering from it should seek an advice from the psychiatrist or a physician.

There are several side effects that are related with the medication that is prescribed to overcome depression. To avoid these side effects, people are directing themselves towards natural medication. Over the pat years several studies have proved that there is an extensive link existing between relief from depression and Omega 3. The main sources of omega 3 fatty acids are flax seeds, fish oil, Canola oil, hemp seeds and walnut. However, fish oil has comparatively shown better efficacy in overcoming depression.

Three of the studies that involve Omega 3 fatty acids food supplement that can be found in various sources of food that includes fish oil and olive oil, proved that depression was relieved greatly following six to seven weeks. The studies also revealed that used both DHA and EPA showed more potential in comparison to the studies that used one of these fatty acids.

Depression in an organism is primarily due to deficiency of vitamin especially due to deficiency of vitamin B-complex in the diet. So, a supplement that comprises multi-vitamin is suggested as a natural medication to overcome depression. Besides these other sources that offers natural remedy comprises balanced and healthy diet, meditation, yoga, and exercise among the others.

The fish that has considerably high amount of DHA and EPA is known as the Hoki. It can also be used in highest quality supplements of fish oil. In other words, people who are looking out for relief from depressions and Omega 3 should look out for fish oil that is exclusively prepared from Hoki.

With the advent in the medical sector extensive research has been made for natural remedies in order to get relief from depression and its link with fish oil. Linda Knittel’s User’s Guide to Natural Remedies for Depression comprises all the information that is linked with anti depression and also consists of professional advice.

The research of omega depression includes clinical trials of the patients that are suffering from post-partum depression and bi-polar disorder. The studies that comprise omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA are finding solution whether depression can be controlled by fish oil. The research of omega 3 on depression shows that inculcation of omega 3 in the diet will be of great help in reduction of post-partum depression.

A research study in London has shown that EPA serves as a good treatment for curing bi-polar complications. Due to the connection between syndrome of chronic fatigue and depression, the studies related to the efficacy of omega 3 in curing the condition have shown that the patients are responding in a favorable manner.