The Best Under Eye Cream For Dark Circles and Puffiness

If you are like I was, you probably are wondering what is the best under eye cream for dark circles and puffiness? There are many formulas available that claim to be effective in repairing the area around your eyes. But it seems as though none of these formulas concentrate on more than one or two of the items that they need to cover in order to get your eye area back to normal. I’m going to show you what doesn’t and what really does work.

What Doesn’t Work

Most of the products I have seen tend to be the ones that try and convince you that replenishing your collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid is the answer to all of your aging skin care problems. This is of course untrue, and the fact is that the formulas that feature the proteins and polymers that make up these compounds are impossible for your skin to absorb due to their density.

Best Compounds for Puffiness

In order to increase the amount of firming tissue in your skin, the best under eye cream for dark circles and puffiness will feature a combination of Cynergy TK and Phytessence Wakame extract. These two natural compounds will firm and smooth your skin by increasing the production of new collagen and elastin cells, and by preventing the degradation of your hyaluronic acid.

This increase in tissue will certainly help a lot, but there is a lot more going on that causes the puffiness and dark circles around your eyes than that. What happens over time is that the skin underneath of your eyes looses the fat that plumps it up, and the skin begins to become thinner. This area then becomes filled with fluid and hemoglobin due to impaired drainage.

Why Eyes Get Dark Circles

It is the accumulation of hemoglobin that causes the red-blue pigment under your eyes. In order to treat these problems the best under eye cream for dark circles and puffiness will feature a peptide mixture known as Haloxyl. This component thickens the skin underneath of the eye, boosts overall circulation, and removes the accumulated hemoglobin in order to reduce your dark circles by as much as 60%.

This again is not all of the help that you need, because there is still the problem with fluid removal and the fragility of the capillary system in this region. What you need in order to correct these problems is a different set of peptides that make up the compound called Eyeliss. This compound improves drainage, shores up the capillary system, reduces irritation and skin slackening, as well as increases skin firmness and elasticity.

Best Solution for Dark Areas Around Eyes

Currently there is only one product that gives you all of these components together for the effective treatment of the problems that you face. This formula is brought to you by an innovative company in New Zealand, and it is widely considered to be the best under eye cream in the world. This formula is truly that effective.

So, forget about all of these formulas that offer you nothing, or only pieces of what it is that you need. You want to use the best under eye cream for dark circles and puffiness.

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Glute Exercises – Get Your Bum Working With These Powerful Exercises

Glute exercises are what everyone is crying out for. The gluteus maximus or glutes for short is the bum muscle. It is also the biggest muscle in the body. Everyone wants a ‘toned’ bum but not many people know really how to work the glues.

For most people the glutes are quite an inactive muscle that doesn’t contract and do its job as it should. This is explained below…

We spend so long sat down that our hip flexors (front of hips) become tight and facilitated. Due to reciprocal inhibition, our glutes lose power because of the tight hip flexors. Also because of the amount of time sat down our glutes become long and inhibited. When this happens other muscles (hamstrings, lower back) become synergistic dominant and take over movements like that squat and lunge. So now your glutes are not getting the exercise they need. This can lead to:

– An anterior tilt of the pelvis (and pelvis instability) and bad posture.

_ A soft, ‘saggy’ bum.

– Injury to the back.

– Injury to hamstrings.

– Knee problems especially for runners.

One very simple way to work the glutes and bring them back into the shape and strength that they should be is to:

1. Stretch the hip flexors to inhibit them and send more power to the glutes.

2. Choose an isolation exercise from the list below.

3. Choose a functional glute exercise from the list below to integrate the glutes into a functional movement.

Glute Isolation Exercises

Exercise 1

Side lying leg lift (froggies or clams).

For this exercise you must lie on your side with your back flat against the wall. Have you knees bent at 90 degrees and the souls of your feet flat against the wall. Make sure your shoulders and hips are completely flat against the wall.

Keeping your feet together, raise your top leg so that the knee comes as close to the wall as possible (like a clam opening).

Perform 5 sets of 10 seconds holding it at the highest point. Then without any rest perform 20 single full range reps.

To progress this exercise have someone add small amounts of resistance against your knee.

Exercise 2

Single leg bridge.

Lie on your back with your knees bent at 90 degrees and your feet flat on the floor. Then push your lower back into the floor and raise your bum off the ground as high as you can. Make sure you are always pushing your lower back towards the floor by contracting your abs.

Then when you are at the top position, straighten one leg out and hold it there for 10 seconds. Build up to 5 sets of 10 seconds.

When you have completed the static 10 second holds move on to full range reps with your non working leg straight throughout the set. Make sure you are always squeezing your abs and pulling your lower back down towards the floor.

Exercise 3

Reverse Hyper.

For this exercise position yourself lying over a Swiss ball with your elbows on the floor.

Then by contracting your glutes, raise your legs up so that they make a straight line with your body.

Build up to 3 sets of 20 reps and then start to add tiny amounts of weight to your feet.

Functional Glute Exercises

Exercise 1

Walking Lunge.

This exercise is one of the very best glute exercises. And you will know about it for days!

This can be performed with just body weight, dumbbells in hands or a barbell on your back.

Take a large step and sink down so that you back knee almost touches the floor. Then put the weight on your front leg and step through for the next lunge.

Perform 3 sets of 20 reps.

Exercise 2

Reverse Lunge.

To perform this take a really large step backwards and bring your upper body down so your hands touch the floor. Then leading with your chest up, stand upright and squeeze your hips forward.

Either alternate legs and perform 3 sets of 20 repetitions. Or do each leg individually and do 3 sets of 10 repetitions on each leg. Progress by holding dumbbells in your hands.

Exercise 3

Deep Squats.

Squats are a great exercise for the lower half of your body but if you are doing half squats you are not going to be recruiting your glutes effectively. To really make this one of those glute exercises that gives them an intense workout you need to squat deep. Even past parallel almost like you are sitting on a really low stall.

A good way to train yourself to squat deep is to set up a aerobics step behind you and squat down to it so that your bum just touches it and then squat back up. For someone who is a little less steady or confident on their feet i would say this is a good place to start the glute exercises section on squats and then move on.

At the top of the movement punch your hips through by squeezing your glutes. Add resistance so that you are challenged to perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

For more ‘problem area’ exercises have a look at my stomach exercise series which can be found on my website with picture illustrations, or by clicking on my profile and viewing them from there.

The Acai Berry Diet – Why It Is So Important

Acai (pronounced as ah-sigh-ee) is a berry with numerous benefits. This fruit grows on the Acai palm tree and has a very long history of traditional usage in Brazil. Even some famous celebrities have accepted that the Acai diet has helped them in losing excess weight.  Everyone was raving about this amazingly nutritional “superfood” grown on Acai palms in the Amazon Rainforest. The Acai phenomenon was all over the media. From then on people from all over the world have shown interest in the lovely Acai products that are available at health stores. The Acai berry diet has protected many people from harmful diseases, obesity and aging problems.

There are several websites and Acai products that claim that their Acai berry diet is the best, although such claims are just marketing tools for attracting attention for their products.  Other than that they are not at all related to any sort of diet plan. Acai is a fantastic fruit that has an abundance of advantages and other health related benefits.

Instructions for following an Acai berry diet are very simple to follow. Basically there is no specific diet plan but dieters use Acai along with another weight loss plan that they prefer. Usually the Acai diet is combined with colon cleansing products or with other ingredients that are beneficial in losing weight and toning the body. The antioxidants present in Acai are the most important component that promotes weight loss. Acai contains more antioxidants in comparison to other healthy fruits like pomegranates, blueberries, red grapes and even red wine. Thus, the Acai diet is best for staying toned and at the same time healthy. Antioxidants in Acai support the claim of enhancing health, strength and energy that helps in weight loss.

The benefits from Acai berry diet do not stop here. In addition to helping with matters like weight loss, it also benefits us in other ways. It improves digestion, cleanses our body, boosts our immune system, detoxifies our body, supports cardio vascular health, increases mental clarity and focus, improves day and night vision, reduces insomnia, maintains blood pressure and last but not the least, it also slows down the aging process. All these claims have not been proven scientifically but the nutrients that are present in Acai support all these claims. The promoters for the Acai diet justify that the combination of all the essential omega fatty acids, amino acids and the phytosterols together improves metabolism, digestion and at the same this diet also reduces the appetite.

Participating in the Acai berry diet with no exercise can slow the process, so it is always the best option to exercise and eat healthy food along with Acai berry. The Acai berry is easily available at health food stores in various forms like capsules, powder, puree, juices, liquid concentrate and energy bars.

Diabetes – Some Facts About the Disease and What to Do

Body check ups are very necessary since they make us aware if we are suffering from any particular infection or disease. If you visit a doctor and you are diagnosed with high blood sugar levels this means that you have diabetes. Most people are caught unawares and may fall into depression almost immediately because they do not know how to deal with illness. However this should not be case because with the help and support of loved ones a diabetic can easily manage the illness and lead a wonderful healthy life.

It is a common thing to find that many people have little or no knowledge at all of diabetes. To begin with, our bodies need energy for us to be able to live and work, this energy is produced when a particular hormone in the body known as insulin breaks down the glucose, a form of sugar that is got when the food eaten is digested. It is this glucose that is converted into energy and in the case of diabetics; the body is unable to produce normal amounts of insulin, hence leading to an accumulation of glucose in the blood, as a result a person will feel tired all the time because none of the glucose is being converted into energy.

Diabetes is genetic therefore if you do not hail from a family that has a history of diabetes, no matter how much sugars and fats you consumer you will not get diabetes. In case you realize that you have diabetes one of the best diabetes natural cure is leading a healthy lifestyle, this means that a diabetic needs to maintain a proper diet plan and regular exercise.

It is important that you are aware of the fact that if you have diabetes in your genes you cannot prevent it but you can manage it by keeping to a healthy diet and using the proper medication. These are the only measures a diabetic needs to live a healthy life.

There are two types of diabetes. Type I diabetes also called juvenile onset or insulin dependent diabetes occurs when the body completely stops producing insulin, and therefore individuals with Type I diabetes need to take insulin injections on a daily basis. Type II diabetes also called adult onset or non insulin dependent diabetes occur when the insulin produced by the body is not properly utilized and the best way to treat it is through oral medication.